• Lavender Air Freshener

    An effective deodoriser for use in the bathroom, it will also freshen up the house, car, caravan, work boots etc.
  • Soy Wax Lavender Candle

    This lavender fragrance soy wax candle comes in an attractive clear glass jar with a lid. To snuff it out, simply replace the glass lid. With no wax drips & being non polluting, they make a wonderful gift - the small candle will burn for approx 25 hours and the larger one for approx 40 hours.
  • Beeswax polish with lavender is suitable for all timber including antique furniture. Apply with a slightly damp cloth & buff up with piece of old towelling. Also wonderful on leather upholstery, shoes, handbags, saddlery. Can be used on stainless steel. Leaves no smears.
  • Essential Lavender Oil

    Rub on temples to ease a headache, kind on burns, cuts & abrasions, soothes insect bites, add to an oil burner, use as an insect repellant, drop onto your pet's  mats and beds, add to the rinsing cycle of your washing machine, or the filter of your vacuum cleaner.  Talk about versatile - every household needs a bottle of Australian lavender essential oil.
  • Use with diffuser reads to freshen & fragrance the home, it is made locally using Australian lavender essential oil.